Steps To Get Your Frustrated Son to Start Potty Training

Many toddlers will be fully trained pee before they are always poo in the potty. A horrible feeling is not to have a strong as the sensation to pee. Many children are afraid or reluctant to poop on the potty because they consider it a part of themselves and do not like the feeling of something dropping on their bodies. Toddlers also tend to prefer the security of a parent next to them as stated at The realization of these facts and help your toddler overcome his fears will help him be more willing to poop on the potty. 

Toddler Story Time:

1. Learn to use their fear in a positive way. Talk to your child about pooping on the potty to learn why it is resistant. Discuss their fears and reassure him that learning poop on the potty is normal and will be OK. 

2. Offer additional rewards when they go above and beyond their targeted task. It may be more motivated to go if given additional rewards for his efforts. This should be above the pot card and other awards previously given. 

3. Keep it regularly and chart when he poops usually during the day. Have him sit on the potty at these times and encourage them to go. Be regular can help avoid constipation problems get in the way. 

4. Stock the bathroom with some books or other activities to keep him busy while he sits on the potty. This keeps the patience toddler more than sitting alone. 
5. Let the poop in a diaper while sitting on the toilet. If he is not ready to poo in the toilet, this can be a transitional step. 

6. Next time he needs to poop, cut a hole in the bottom of the layer. This trick will give him the security of having the layer there, but once he sees the poo is in the toilet he will realize that he was not so scary. 

7. Encourage him to sit on the shit pot. Be reassuring and praise his efforts to maintain the motivation to use the potty. 

8. Realize it can still have an occasional accident, especially if he is playing or has other distractions to make him forget. Remember getting upset will only discourage the go. Rather rent the progress he made and remind him that he's still your big boy.